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Genres: Mystery , Thriller
Actors: Tyrone Benton III , Luisa Bertolatti , Anthony Binford , Pierpaolo Brunoldi , George Abbot Clark , Amanda Fagiani , Adrian Flowers , Daniele Galli , Trae Ireland , Giovanni Ledda , Elena Manzini , Massimo Muntoni , Jagger Osseck , Antonio Rindone , Riccardo Rivia
Director: Federico Rivia
Country: United States
Year: 2010
IMDB Rating: 3.0/10 (124 votes)

Darrin is traumatized by a horrific event he witnessed as a child. Now 25, he and his brother Sean travel to Italy to visit an old friend, but the trip turns into a nightmare when a walk in the woods forces him to confront his childhood demons.

Film Review

First, I am WELL peeved I wasn't the first review of this film. I virtually watched it in order to be the first reviewer, and then someone beats me by a day.As a result? Well, it's far from a 'give me back my wasted 90 minutes' film. On the other hand, it's very far from being great.The filming really IS excellent. From interior shots to handling snowscapes brilliantly. Not getting caught up in the scenery, and making expansive space feel claustrophobic, all very well done. One or two rather iffy camera angles, but these presumably decided on by the director. The script wasn't predictable, just a bit – well – lame? The acting rather likewise, with the exception of Trae Ireland, who was pretty sound.And yes, Italy isn't the Ukraine, or Rumania, where slashy films often end up, but all in all it ended up looking a bit like it was.So. Promise, especially Oden Roberts (cine) who hasn't done a lot of longer films but is one to watch. But somewhere cl…

This is a below bottom of the barrel, D- attempt at a film . . . The only thing I find mildly interesting in this piece is that someone actually spent real money to produce this thing, although whatever the budget might have been, it couldn't have been much. This is one of those films that aspiring actors, later in life, regret having such a cheesy low budget non-entity of a film associated with their name.The character clichés were beyond absurd, the acting as flat as stale pancakes, and something resembling some sort of plot had, at best, small moments of possible coherence.Don't worry about any spoiler alerts here, as the ending was so ridiculous and incomprehensible that even if I were to describe such here, it would have no effect.I've seen some thriller / slasher films that were genuinely compelling, well crafted examples of the genre', though such is not my usual forte'.But Twisted Path does not rate any score here, not even a zero.If anything, it …