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Genres: Horror
Actors: Vincent Price , Judith Evelyn , Darryl Hickman , Patricia Cutts , Pamela Lincoln , Philip Coolidge
Director: William Castle
Country: United States
Year: 1959
IMDB Rating: 6.6/10 (3244 votes)

Dr. Warren Chapin is a pathologist who regularly conducts autopsies on executed prisoners at the State prison. He has a theory that fear is the result of a creature that inhabits all of us. His theory is that the creature is suppressed by our ability to scream when fear strikes us. He gets a chance to test his theories when he meets Ollie and Martha Higgins, who own and operate a second-run movie theater. Martha is deaf and mute and if she is unable to scream, extreme fear should make the creature, which Chapin has called the Tingler, come to life and grow. Using LSD to induce nightmares, he begins his experiment.

Film Review

The Tingler is directed by William Castle and written by Robb White. It stars Vincent Price, Judith Evelyn, Darryl Hickman, Patricia Cutts & Philip Coolidge. Music is by Von Dexter and cinematography by Wilfred M. Cline.Dr. Warren Chapin (Price) has a notion that fear in a human being produces a parasite like organism to attach itself to the spine. The parasite will kill its host unless the fear is released by way of a scream. When a test proves Chapin's theory correct, it gives devious Oliver Higgins (Coolidge) an idea to do away with his wife Martha (Evelyn), a death mute who can't scream.Director/producer William Castle's name became synonymous with horror gimmicks and B grade schlockers. Often derided by the critics of the time, Castle however was a popular draw card name for the thrill seeking cinema goer. His output can at best be described as varied, but even with the worst films he was attached too, one thing always rang true, here was a man desperate to en…

I just found the DVD version of the Tingler at Borders for $6. Had to buy it. I saw it when it first came out in 1959 (I was 13) – in the Atlas Theater in Detroit. It scared the crap out of us even with the bad acting and the hokey gimmicks. When the Tingler got into the projection room all the lights went out in our theater including the movie. Then, slowly we saw the shadow of the thing inching it's way across the darkened screen. I had one of "The" seats. You can imagine that back then, this was the ultimate for us. Great fun! And no one sued the theater for getting the "tingle". Amazing. We also got to meet the "real live" Robbie the Robot from Forbidden Planet when it came out.

Definitely one of the more outrageously dull horror films that's grown into a minor legend; just like William Castle's emphasis on the promotion of his films, rather than the films themselves, "The Tingler" can best be enjoyed for what is unintended rather than for what's there on the screen.Vincent Price is a dedicated pathologist, the kind who has a lab right in his own house and employs a young assistant while working him into the ground. Together they experiment on a theory that fear can manifest itself into a living organism. They discover that a bizarre creature, which resembles the offspring of a lobster and an earwig, forms along the spines of vertebrates, and during moments of extreme fear, this creature suddenly swells in size and squeezes the spine. Fortunately it is immediately dissolved by a person's screams. Yes, that's the plot.Leave it to Vincent Price to carry a film like this based solely on his unique ability to seem serious and deliber…