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Genres: Fantasy , Horror , Thriller
Actors: Christopher Walken , Vincent Spano , Dave Buzzotta , Kayren Butler , Steve Hytner , Brad Dourif , Scott Cleverdon , Jack McGee , Sandra Ellis Lafferty , Mark Prince Edwards , Tyrone Tann , Moriah ‘Shining Dove’ Snyder , J.D. Rosen , William Stanford Davis , Drew Swaine
Director: Patrick Lussier
Country: United States
Year: 2000
IMDB Rating: 5.4/10 (2420 votes)

The conclusion to The Prophecy Trilogy. Once again, Christopher Walken returns as the Arch-Angel Gabriel. As the War in Heaven and on Earth rages on, Pyriel, the Angel of Genocide, rises to power, intending to destroy all of mankind. The only one who stands in his way is Danyael, who was born of an Angel and a woman, but Danyael is unaware of his purpose, until he runs into Gabriel, who has now become a human after the events of The Prophecy 2, and is acting as his secret guardian. Now, the fate of the world hangs in the balance as Danyael sets out to confront Pyriel and finally fulfill his destiny.

Film Review

The Third film in ‘The Prophecy’ series sees Danyael Rossales as a grown up adolescent, seemingly unaware of his origin as a human-angel hybrid. This film has several great things about, but it also isn’t without the inevitable flaws. One of them being bad acting on the part of of the character Maggie, played by Kayren Butler. I can see the reason for the character existing, someone for Danyael to play off, an ally and friend to our main character, but it just seems that the majority (if not all) of the bad lines that bring the movie down come from her, she fails to make the movie believable from the point of her character. But the good points far outweigh the above criticism, the best thing being the return of the now former angel Gabriel, played in his new humble and friendly human form to absolute magnificence by Christopher Walken. Him taking human form seems to have given him an appreciation for our kind, which he so hated in the previous two films, he finally gets what being an …

I think many people mistakenly classify these movies as "B" horror, and that's unfair. "The Ascent", in particular, has a few very profound moments, as well as a decent story, great dialogue and a depth that more than makes up for the occasional plot confusion and slightly lacking special effects. Christopher Walken delivers what I think is one of his best performances.If you like thoughtful movies that will keep you pondering past the credits, this is a good one. Even if you don't much care for the two that precede this one, it's worth a look. The "Prophecy" series does what too few trilogies do – saves the best for last.

I was so disappointed with ‘The Prophecy 2’, which threw out all the atmosphere and ideas of the original movie, and went down the dumb action movie path too much for my liking. Now we get #3 in the series, and the second one looks better and better! This is a truly awful cash in with absolutely no redeeming features. Christopher Walken reprises his role as Gabriel, but has so little screen time it should say "guest appearance by". The usually great Brad Dourif (‘Wise Blood’, ‘Blue Velvet’) is wasted in a small supporting role, and the main cast members, blast from the past Vincent Spano, and dull newcomer Dave Buzzotta, are boring and uninspired. I blame the writers and director this time round, who between them have links to works of the calibre of ‘Dracula 2000’ and ‘Detroit Rock City’. ‘Nuff said. To be avoided.