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Genres: Adventure , Romance
Actors: Douglas Fairbanks Jr. , Maria Montez , Rita Corday , Henry Daniell , Nigel Bruce , Robert Coote , Otto Waldis , Eldon Gorst , Milton Owen , Colin Keith-Johnston , Colin Kenny , Ben Wright
Director: Max Ophüls
Country: United States
Year: 1947
IMDB Rating: 6.8/10 (129 votes)

Maria Montez was accorded top billing in this film by contractual agreement, although she is in the picture only long enough to take a bath in a tricky 17th century bathtub while sipping coffee with Charles Stuart and delivering dialogue in a barely-understandable French-accent. This is the second major film released within a short period with King Charles II as a primary character, and Charles here and Charles (George Sanders) in “Forever Amber” are two very varied approaches to the same character. This one takes place prior to the beginning of “Forever Amber” when Charles II and his followers are hiding out in Holland from Oliver Cromwell’s puritan Round Heads. Being temporarily at liberty (or unemployed), Charles takes a day job at the farm/estate of Katie, and falls in love with her. Meanwhile he eludes his enemies by agility, enterprise and sword play, some of the latter performed while riding the blades of a Dutch windmill. He is summoned back to the throne and has to leave Katie and the tulips behind, returns to England, is replaced by George Sanders who pursues Amber St. Clair and forgets all about Katie. “The Exile” and “Forever Amber” should be viewed back-to-back for maximum-contrast enjoyment.

Film Review

I remember seeing the preview of THE EXILE when I was 9 years old, but never actually saw the film till last night. Reminded of this rare and all-but-forgotten picture via this website, I sought it out on the internet and purchased it for a modest price. No disappointment. A romantic adventure film set in 1660 combines real history with highly entertaining story. Douglas Fairbanks Jr. was a great leading man and he plays this role with ease and vigor. The re-creation of the era was perfect and the film has not a trace of today’s annoying Attention Deficit Disorder editing. They didn’t make any good movies in 2005, as evidenced by the trashy 5 lefty-spin pictures nominated as Best Picture. If you want to see a classic, don’t give up on it. Seek it out and with tenacity you can find it and see it. I’ve only failed once, but still looking for that rarity.

It was the second time Ophüls had broached an historical subject .In France 1939, he filmed the tragic love story of Franz Ferdinand and Countess Sophie Chotek ,of course a misalliance,hence a Morganatic marriage.As it did not happen as Charles Stuart was concerned ,the lovers are left with memories ("I'll visit you in your dreams").If it weren't for the last minutes ,the film would not be a real Max Ophüls (spelled "Opuls") movie.The last third is a bit Curtizesque ,Douglas Faibanks Jr recalling Erroll Flynn.This is certainly a good film ,but it cannot be included in the director's best works such as "Liebelei" "La Signora Di Tutti" "Letters from an unknown woman" or "Madame De" .This is fictionalized history -whereas "De Mayerling A Sarajevo" depicted real events- where the round heads (the Puritans) ,dressed in black nicely play the parts of the villains against a noble hero dressed in wh…

In one of his BEST acting roles, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.’s second stint as a movie producer–and his first as a writer–is an ambitious attempt to dramatize the tale of the restoration of Charles II to the throne of England. An avowed Anglophile, Fairbanks has a strong sense of the history of his adoptive land. (He was born in New York City.) Fortunately, the drama and excitement of the pursuit of Charles Stuart (Fairbanks) after his return from self-imposed exile in Holland by Oliver Cromwell’s Puritans is lushly displayed by the producer-author-star’s insistence on a deliberate, poetic pace for the story. Much of the film is concerned with Fairbanks’ trysting with the luscious Croset–later Paula Corday–in her first starring role, as a Royalist who conceals the fugitive king on her estate. Despite a strong supporting cast and an interesting concept, the film is a forgotten charmer!