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Genres: Comedy
Actors: Barry Watson , Michael Rosenbaum , Harland Williams , Melissa Sagemiller , Tony Denman , Brad Beyer , Kathryn Stockwood , Heather Matarazzo , Yvonne Sciò , Kerri Higuchi , Dublin James , Omar Benson Miller , Mike Beaver , Rich Ronat , Brian Gross
Director: Wallace Wolodarsky
Country: United States
Year: 2002
IMDB Rating: 5.0/10 (9477 votes)

After three rowdy guys get booted from their frat house, they dress up as women and pledge the “ugly girl” sorority, where they figure they’ll blend right in. In their new environment, the men relinquish their frat mentality and realize how hurtful they have been to women over the years. When their less-than-stunning female forms earn them an invite to a “dog catcher” party at their old frat, they decide to brave the harassment so they can grab the rest of their belongings from the house and make a clean break. Written by Sujit R. Varma Three friends who live in a frat house are charged with stealing the money they have been taking for a cocktail cruise at the end of the semester. The boys have no money and dress up as girls for what is supposed to be one night. It turns out to be the rest of the semester when one plan after another to prove that they did not steal the money does not work out. In the process they realize that they treat the girls terrible and try to help them.

Film Review

It is likely you have read other viewers’ comments on Sorority Boys, so you will already know the plot summary. I would love to tell you why I liked this movie enough to go out and buy it. They say that you don’t know a person until you have walked a mile in their shoes, and this movie takes that piece of wisdom quite literally! The three guys undergo some slow and subtle changes in their attitudes towards women after a few days masquerading as sorority girls. It is not a politically correct tale by any means, but who cares? Life is serious enough without getting bent out of shape over a movie, and anyone who takes serious offense at this one really needs to get a sense of humor. The talent is outstanding and thus one can overlook any flaws in the plot or script. The guys are hilarious, especially Michael Rosenbaum, who takes a break from playing Lex Luthor (Smallville) for a while and turns out to be an ace at physical comedy. The jokes are coarse at times, as is the language, but it…

This film is hilarious. Certainly the concept is nothing new but the story and performance are pretty solid but it’s the humor that shines.*** SPOILERS WARNING *** Many people enjoyed the dildo fighting sequence which is funny and there are other funny moments people seem all too willing to overlook.The look on the KOK guys face when the three man girls rock up to the KOK frat party to try and get their video evidence. You have to see this look.After trying to get their video evidence the boys dressed as girls get thrown out of their frat party and they end up on the DOG (Delta Omicron Gamma) house. They spend a few minutes refusing admission to the house working an alternate plan, they turn their backs when the DOG house mentions food. Cut to a scene with three girls tucking into a hearty meal in a way that only males do. ROFL priceless.Then the boys are discussing what their next move should be and anguish over joining their arch nemesis DOG when Doofer/Roberta casually mentions she…

The way that he says that, has to be one of THE funniest spoken lines in film history, it’s just the way his mouth opens so wide to say it and…. OK.Sorry. Barry Watson, feeling the role of the woman a little too much there I think. Got into it very well! He seemed quite good as a woman, really is a pretty boy.Good laughs in this film, it’s cute, rude, funny, and just idiotic and I loved every minute of it – do it again!, do it again! I will not say anything about the plot of the film, I just wanted to acknowledge those couple of bits of acting technique – haha! "I love it when you braid my hair."