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Genres: Comedy , Musical
Actors: James Cagney , Evelyn Daw , William Frawley , Mona Barrie , Gene Lockhart , Philip Ahn , Marek Windheim , Dwight Frye , Johnny Arthur , William B. Davidson , Richard Tucker , Kathleen Lockhart , James Newill , Harry Barris , Cully Richards
Director: Victor Schertzinger
Country: United States
Year: 1937
IMDB Rating: 6.0/10 (353 votes)

Popular New York band leader Terry Rooney (Cagney) is offered a lucrative film contract out in Hollywood. Rooney and his wife pack up and head for California. Upon arriving, they meet Mr. Regan, the head of the studio, who believes that Rooney’s true lack of desire for stardom is arrogance on the band leaders part. When his first film is huge success and hit for the studio, Regan tries to hide the truth from Rooney. Feeling a need to get away from Hollywood, Rooney takes his wife on a South Seas cruise, only to return to the real truth of his fame.

Film Review

Something to Sing About was produced at Grand National Studios where James Cagney was working while under a contract dispute with the brothers Warner. He did two films for this B studio, neither of which rank high in the Cagney credits.One of the great losses to cinema is the fact that Jimmy Cagney did so few films that utilized his terrific dancing abilities. The two that come to mind immediately are Yankee Doodle Dandy and Footlight Parade. Two lesser films are The West Point Story and Never Steal Anything Small. Cagney himself said he never used to watch anything but his musicals in retirement. So why did he make so few of them?Well this one was all wrong. The plot of Something to Sing About concerns a hoofer who fronts for a band who's discovered and given a movie contract. There are the usual complications of a conniving studio boss and a conniving press agent played respectively and well by Gene Lockhart and William Frawley. His contract calls for a no- marriage clause, so C…

The main plot of this film is fairly entertaining and it hooked me–even though the material seemed awfully familiar. Band leader Jimmy Cagney goes to Hollywood to do a screen test and he becomes a star. The film is filled with interesting behind the scenes intrigue and studio business and is in some ways reminiscent of a light-weight version of A STAR IS BORN and other "behind the scenes" movies. In addition, how the studio head (Gene Lockhart) and publicity agent (William Frawley) schemed is pretty funny and diverting. These two men plus Cagney did a lovely job despite having rather limp support from the rest of the cast.Unfortunately, despite the nice but familiar plot, the film was also chock full of tedious songs. While Cagney's dance numbers weren't bad (what he lacked in grace he made up for in energy), his co-star (Evelyn Daw) sang in a style that was like an amalgam of opera and big band music–something that I disliked intensely. Had she only sang one or tw…

I didn't know what to expect from this movie at all; I never really heard of it or saw it anywhere and I bought it on a $1 DVD. I think it's a very enjoyable late 30s film, really hampered only by the sometimes painful singing of Evelyn Daw. I didn't know Cagney had made a musical this early in his career, five years before "Yankee Doodle Dandy." In fact this one came out before "Angels with Dirty Faces" so I think it's fair to say he wasn't a very big star yet and his tough guy persona hadn't been cemented yet. He looks great doing his tap dance numbers early in the film. It's a shame they didn't have him do more dancing as the film progressed instead of concentrating quite so much on the situational comedy.Cagney plays a "hoofer" who goes by the stage name of Terry Rooney. He goes to Hollywood to make a film and the producers very foolishly try to convince him that he's bad so that he won't demand a lot of money. …