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Genres: Drama
Actors: Farhan Akhtar , Arjun Rampal , Luke Kenny , Purab Kohli , Prachi Desai , Shahana Goswami , Koel Purie , Nicolette Bird , Sai Gundewar , Suraj Jagan , Reema Kagti , Himanshu Powdwal , Céline Rodriguez , Dalip Tahil
Director: Abhishek Kapoor
Country: India
Year: 2008
IMDB Rating: 7.7/10 (6135 votes)

Sakshi Shroff, the lonely and neglected wife of busy banking executive, Aditya, decides to give him a surprise on his birthday on July 22nd, but ends surprising him not once but multiple times. While Aditya is thrilled to know that both are going to be parents, and did appear surprised by the celebration, bitterness creeps in when he notices that Sakshi had also invited some ghosts (Rob Nancy and Kedar Zaveri) from his past. This gives rise to unpleasant memories involving a failed music group ‘Magik’ that he had associated with about a decade ago. Sakshi will soon find out why Aditya is displeased with her; why the music group broke up, ending in violence and acrimony especially between her husband and his former friend, Joseph Mascarenhas; why they cannot perform together ever again; as well as contemplate moving out and living with her mom.

Film Review

The quality of Bollywood movies has drastically improved in recent times. Just a couple of weeks ago I was compelled to write about "Mumbai Meri Jaan", because it is one of the best movies I have seen this year… and I guess that's not all for this year! Last week we saw "Rock On!!" and again I am at my laptop typing a few lines on it.I hate to give out details about the movie in my short reviews and so I am going to stick to it. Anybody with half a brain would say that this is a movie about a "Rock Band"! Well… now if you ask someone with a "full"one he might say it's not a movie about Rock and Roll at all… it's actually a movie about "perusing your dreams"… or maybe about "true friendship" or "marital relationship" or even "dealing with difficult a situation and accepting the phases of life".The most important and impressive part of the movie was the débutant actor &…

With Rock On, director Abhishek Kapoor promises a true-blue band film, but ultimately delivers a masala Hindi film that just happens to be about a band. Farhan Akhtar, Arjun Rampal, Purab Kohli and Luke Kenny star as once-aspiring musicians who chucked up their dream of taking their band professional. But a chance reunion ten years later inspires them to consider returning for one last gig. The film's basic plot stays faithful to the blueprint of your standard coming-of-age film, but the screenplay of Rock On is bursting at its seams with so many clichés that fifteen minutes in you can predict pretty much everything that's going to happen then on. Despite terrific cinematography and some very enjoyable music, Rock On has few surprises because the writers stick to the safety of tried-and-tested formula instead of pushing the envelope. As a result the film moves at a snail-like pace, dragging on instead of picking up steam when the story moves towards its climax. Yet, Roc…

I went to see this film in cinema without any expectations and I really enjoyed every minute of the film. The film have a perfect narrative and the actors in it are very 'real-like' unlike the commercial Bollywood actors. The characters were well developed and my credit also goes to the cinematographer who knew his colors, angles and lights. Finally, I hope the screenplay writer gets an award, because without the perfect script a film such as Rock On!! would easily fail. The songs and music were also unique unlike commercial Bollywood love songs in the middle of a park or landscape.Get your popcorn, coke, water and sit back and enjoy this film.Rock On!! Neil Bhatia.