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Genres: Romance , Drama , Comedy
Actors: Sook-hee Hyun , Jin-hie Han , Gianna Jun , Tae-hyun Cha , Il-woo Kim , In-mun Kim , Tae-hyeon Kim , Mu-yeong Lee , Ho Lim , Dong-won Seo , Kwang-eop Son , Wok-suk Song , Geum-Seok Yang
Director: Jae-young Kwak
Country: Korea, Republic of
Year: 2001
IMDB Rating: 8.1/10 (24803 votes)

Based on a series of true stories posted by Ho-sik Kim on the Internet describing his relationship with his girlfriend. These were later transformed into a best-selling book and the movie follows the book closely. It describes the meeting of Kyun-woo (Cha) and an unnamed girl. Kyun-woo is shamed into assisting the girl because the other passengers mistakenly think she is his girlfriend. Once he helps her, Kyun-woo develops a deep sense of responsibility for her which enables him to tolerate (somehow) the girls abuses.

Film Review

Sometimes you just have to trust your friends. A great friend of mine told me I absolutely couldn't miss this movie. I doubted a bit, so I decided to come here to IMDb and check out the comments. I always do it, before going out to see a movie, and it has proved really useful. This time was not exception.I saw it three days ago. And then, saw it again two days ago, and yesterday I couldn't resist going through some of the most important scenes (also trying to understand better some little details).It's really an amazing movie. It's all about what most matters in life. It's simple, it's funny, sometimes even hilarious, it's poetic and deeply touching. It's impossible to control the laughs, but sometimes also the tears. It makes you dream about real love and makes you want to reach out for it. Beautiful and meaning. Just like life should be.Let's go build bridges of chance for love in our lives! Definitely 10/10

Does that line sound familiar ? Well, it's the best way i can describe the girl playing the "terrorist" exercising her moves on her newly met friend. There's 3 things that bug me…1: is she acting like this only to test his loyalty to her or, is she doing it just for laughs, or her acting is the result of a bad experience considering the aftermath of her previous relationship ? The movie doesn't answer any of those questions but leaves the viewer's imagination wonder, it gives us the freedom to speculate, freely. The movie portrays an exceptional blend of tragedy and comedy in high doses, one moment you find yourself laughing your a** off and the next you find yourself crying your eyes out. It's like someone's playing with your feelings by setting the rules in opposition while you're jumping from one foot to the next like a jack in the box not knowing what to make of the 2 main characters especially the girl. Or if this were for real, you probabl…

I watched Hollywood remake before the original, and I find the original way much better. My definition of good romantic movie is simple: it has memorable scenes and we can connect to the leading actor/actress that we really wish that they have a happy ending in the end. I found those in My Sassy Girl. Jun Ji Hyun played really well as the girl, who is moody,sassy and irritating in the first half of the movie and then slowly as the movie began to reveal, we can understand and sympathize her for what she'd done before in the movie. Cha Tae Hyun also played very well as an average Joe, weak and easily bullied guy but in the end we will see that all he do is just gave in to the woman he loves, that he is a kind person with a kind heart that everybody should love. As a comedy movie, My Sassy Girl have some really hilarious moments. Some that made me laughed very hard: when Cha Tae Hyun had his breakfast after got beaten up by the girl, the call in the library, and the games in the sub…