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Genres: Thriller , Mystery , Drama
Actors: Assaf Cohen , Michael Irby , Kate Beahan , Sean Bean , Peter Sarsgaard , Jodie Foster , Erika Christensen , Shane Edelman , Mary Gallagher , Haley Ramm , Forrest Landis , Jana Kolesárová , Brent Sexton , Marlene Lawston , Judith Scott
Director: Robert Schwentke
Country: United States
Year: 2005
IMDB Rating: 6.1/10 (85356 votes)

The husband of aviation engineer Kyle Pratt has just died in Berlin. Now she is flying back to New York with his coffin and their six-year-old daughter Julia. Three hours into the flight Kyle awakens to find that Julia is gone! It’s a big double-decker plane, so very concerned mother has a lot of territory to cover in order to find her daughter. But as Kyle fights to discern the truth, she takes matters into her own hands.

Film Review

You're looking for a movie with the label "thriller"?,then you found the right one. "Flightplan" is a really good-must-see movie, it made my Friday night and I enjoyed watching it so much! I've seen some movies which accidents appear on a flight before (such as Snakes on a Plane..etc)and this one is a different kind. I see the smart, love and strength through the Mommy's play and the good script as well. I thought she was… kind of hallucinations or something for the first time but the movie just blew up my mind when the truth came out. When the mother discovered the truth and rescued her little baby I cried and that was amazing moment. Yes,you should watch this movie. It's really good!

Flightplan starts in Berlin in Germany as grieving widow Kyle Pratt (Jodie Foster) & her young six year old daughter Julia (Marlene Lawston) board a flight to New York, together with her dead husband in the cargo hold who they intend to bury back in the US the plane takes off for it's long journey to New York. Kyle & Julia both fall asleep, when Kyle wakes up Julia has gone. At first Kyle thinks Julia is wandering around somewhere but after checking the plane Kyle can see no sign of her daughter. Becoming increasing worried about her missing daughter Julia demands that the plane is searched, Captain Rich (Sean bean) is unsure what to think as no-one remembers even seeing Julia & she is no present on the passenger manifesto either. With no record of Julia ever having boarded the plane Kyle's accusations are not taken seriously but she know's that Julia is somewhere on the plane & Kyle is going to find her…Directed by Robert Schwentke one has to say …

The acting in this movie is actually quite good. Its actually one of the few really consistently good things about this movie. The suspense in the film is well set up and maintained until about two thirds of the way through and it definitely has a claustrophobic feel to it until about the same point. These are the reasons behind the moderate rating in the bad review.I found Jodie Fosters character so intensely unlikeable that I really wanted her to be wrong in the end though, maybe that is the intention, I'm not sure. I actually wished that someone, anyone, would just shoot her and get it over with. At no point did I find myself feeling relieved when the girl was eventually found safe and well, as you feel that you probably should.I thought that there could have been so many alternative endings to the plot, all of which would have been infinitely better than the one that was actually shown which is so far fetched it is almost funny.