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Genres: Comedy , Sci-Fi
Actors: Dana Medrická , Jirí Sovák , Olga Schoberová , Juraj Visny , Karel Effa , Vladimír Mensík , Karel Houska , Ilja Racek , Walter Taub , Bedrich Prokos , Cestmír Randa , Otto Simánek , Svatopluk Skládal , Frantisek Holar , Jan Libícek
Director: Václav Vorlícek
Country: Czechoslovakia
Year: 1966
IMDB Rating: 7.4/10 (330 votes)

“What if someone had an absurd dream and the visions ran out in the street?” a scientist asks Rose, a researcher who discovers a way to engender beneficial dreams (to produce contented, productive workers). There’s a problem: after an injection of her elixir, dream elements become real. Rose learns this after dosing her husband Henry to stop his dreaming about Jessie, a curvaceous comic-book heroine who has anti-gravitational gloves he needs to study so he can solve a problem at the factory where he’s chief engineer: Henry wakes up with Jessie asleep next to him pursued by a cowboy and a super hero. Jealousy consumes Rose. All this plus satire aimed at the Czechoslovak state.

Film Review

While technically this is not one of the best films I've ever seen, it is among the most creative–WILDLY creative. For those of you who are looking for something different, this film is for you.This Czechoslovakian film begins with a middle-aged married couple who are both scientist-types. He teaches at the university and she is a scientist doing some crazy work. It seems she has a machine that displays dreams as if on TV. The first one they show is hilarious–it's a cow dreaming. Now here is where it gets even weirder. The cow is having a bad dream about being bitten by flies. And, when she injects it with her serum, it dreams it's lying in a hammock and being serenaded by classical ensemble! Clearly she's hit on something amazing.A bit later, she notices that her husband is having some sort of bad dream and so she hooks him up to the monitor and then injects him with the serum. However, there is a completely unforeseen side effect–the bad dream is brought out i…

If Fellini had developed a sense of humour and had directed a film about a 1920’s serial damsel in distress this would be the result.This was shown at the Brisbane International Film Festival as part of "Czech Gothic", but it was anything but Gothic. This is one of those films, like "The Umbrellas of Cherbourg" which are about the pure joy of the cinema. This is not one of those dreary, pretentious films you expect from Europe. It’s been nearly 2 hours since I saw it and I’m still grinning.Other people have written about the plot, so I’ll just mention some highlights.The comic characters can only speak in speech bubbles, which are treated as real objects, in one scene they are moved around so the court reporter can read them.A cow’s nightmare of being bitten by gadflies, is altered to the cow lying on a hammock, on a beautiful day. The camera pans out, and we find that a string quartet is playing for the cow’s amusement.After demolishing one apartment. The evil su…