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Genres: Drama , Romance
Actors: Joaquin Phoenix , Anne Joyce , Elliot Villar , Craig Walker , Carmen M. Herlihy , Donald John Hewitt , Christian Albrizio , Isabella Rossellini , Moni Moshonov , Julie Budd , Bob Ari , Iain J. Bopp , Vinessa Shaw , Gwyneth Paltrow , Samantha Ivers
Director: James Gray
Country: United States
Year: 2008
IMDB Rating: 7.0/10 (19958 votes)

Leonard Kraditor is a burned-out case, living with his immigrant parents after his fiancée left him, helping out at their Brooklyn dry cleaners, taking photographs, at loose ends, suicidal. In quick succession, he meets two women: Sandra, the daughter of his parents’ business associates, frank, direct, sensual, Jewish like Leonard; and, his neighbor Michelle, mercurial, rootless, fun, blond, unattainable. Michelle is in love with a married man and cries on Leonard’s shoulder; Sandra wants to save him. Is Leonard willing to risk losing Sandra’s fidelity for the moments Michelle’s moods swing toward him? Can this end well?

Film Review

"Two Lovers" is a slow moving thoughtful drama that examines the lives of three vulnerable thirty something New Yorkers.We meet Leonard (Joaquin Phoenix) at the start of the movie, as he attempts suicide. He hasn't gotten over the break up of his engagement. He lives with his parents and has a job in the family business. His parents introduce him to Sandra (Vinessa Shaw), a daughter of family friends. She is beautiful but shy and quiet. It is clear the parents of both people would like to make a "match". Sandra and Leonard get on very well so it looks like their parents will get their wish.Then Leonard meets Michelle (Gyneth Paltrow), who has just moved into the same apartment building. They also get on very well. Leonard is very taken by her beauty and lifestyle, which seems much more exciting than his. She has a boyfriend, who is very rich and treats her badly at times and it clear that Leonard that wants to "rescue" her.Of course things don't…

In James Gray's Two Lovers, Leonard (Joaquin Phoenix) is torn between two women, each of whom is right for him, and wrong for him, in different ways. When we meet Leonard, he's jumping into the river in a suicide attempt; he changes his mind at the last minute, struggling to the surface and gasping for air. It's a scene that tells us much of what we need to know about Leonard: This is a man torn between the desire to end the pain in his life, and the equally strong desire to fight against it. Leonard, we come to learn, was engaged to be married, but when he and his fiancée both tested positive for the gene that carries Tay-Sachs syndrome, her family called off the engagement and she disappeared. Leonard's mother, Ruth (Isabella Rossellini), hovers protectively over her only child, trying to help him move on, while at the same time clinging to him with a fierceness that may not be in his best interest.Leonard's parents introduce him to Sandra (Vinessa Shaw…

(In the style of Maureen McGregor's 70's hit "Torn Between Two Lovers")There are times when a Meezaman has to say what's on his mind Even though he knows how much it's gonna pun hurt Before I say another pun,let me me tell you, I love this movie Let me see it close and say these words as gently as I can There's been a man named Joaquin Phoenix who went wacko and we have needed and we have loved in so many movies But that doesn't mean we love him any less And he knows he can't possess Letterman and he knows he never will There's just this empty place inside of him that only he can fill Have you seen "Two Lovers"? It will leave you crying like a fool Joaquin's last movie is not breaking all the rules Have you seen "Two Lovers"? I am punning like a fool Punning for all of you is breaking movie reviewing rules OK, I will stop!!!Director James Gray's "Two Lovers" is slow-moving but effective movie abo…