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Genres: Romance , Comedy
Actors: Celeste Yarnall , Fred Dalton Thompson , William Frankfather , Sally Quinn , Benjamin C. Bradlee , Michael Ensign , Max Perlich , Edward Herrmann , Don Johnson , John Goodman , Melanie Griffith , Nora Dunn , Meg Wittner , William Forward , Mary Gordon Murray
Director: Luis Mandoki
Country: United States
Year: 1993
IMDB Rating: 4.7/10 (2437 votes)

A businessman shows up in Washington to lobby agendas that are friendly to his construction plans. His ditsy ex-showgirl bimbo proves to be an embarrassment in social situations, so he hires a reporter to teach her how to appear more intelligent. Soon it becomes apparent to the reporter that she isn’t so stupid after all, and things become more complicated as she begins questioning the papers her sugar daddy keeps getting her to sign, and the reporter begins falling in love with her.

Film Review

Watching this movie is not the waste of time most movies entail; I am not a Melanie Griffith fan, but it’s worth watching for (1) script (2) camera work (4) de Tocqueville (5) (above all) the 1st ten amendments of a hallowed document.

Born Yesterday (1950) is one of funniest films ever made. Thisversion has Melanie Griffith attempting the impossible,trying torecreate the role that won Judy Holiday a best actress Oscar. Although Griffith tries hard, she is no match for Holiday, and DonJohnson is certainly no substitute for William Holden. The only oneof the cast who comes close to the original, is John Goodman. For anybody that doesn’t know the story outline, Harry Block,(JohnGoodman ) a crooked junk tycoon hires a journalist Paul Verrall(Don Johnson ) to teach his girlfriend Billie Dawn, some socialskills, as she is unused the high society life of the Washingtonelite. In a choice between the two, watch the original.

I think this remake of 1950’s "Born Yesterday" with Judy Holliday is better than the original! Melanie Griffith is great as Billie Dawn, because she’s so sweet and soft-spoken at the end…you can really see the transformation! And I think John Goodman is really funny when he goes on his tirades. I especially like the part when Paul arrives after going to the newspaper office. He and Billie are carrying on a simple conversation about each other’s health. Harry (Goodman) keeps looking and them, then says abruptly, "OK, can the tea party crap!!". I just think that’s so funny! =)I also think Don Johnson is great as Paul. He should wear those glasses all the time! But even though I like this version better, I still think William Holden was better in the original.Therefore, I give "Born Yesterday" a 10 out of 10!