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Genres: Comedy , Drama
Actors: Danny Aiello , Anthony LaPaglia , Lainie Kazan , Frank Pesce , Robert Forster , Ron Karabatsos , Rick Aiello , Vic Manni , Paul Lazar , Pete Antico , Donna Magnani , Darren Bates , Tony Sirico , Richard K. Olsen , Richard Cerenzio
Director: George Gallo
Country: United States, Japan
Year: 1991
IMDB Rating: 6.8/10 (1508 votes)

Frank Pesce is the luckiest man alive in spite of his bad luck. Based on a true story, a man growing up in a tough New York neighborhood has a gift for finding himself in the worst possible jams…and always getting out. He is the first New York Lottery winner.

Film Review

***SPOILER*** I got TOTALLY hooked into the story and then thought it was going to go into the toilet but it, of course, delivers. Then the AMC channel, after the film aired, said that Frank Pesce actually did NOT ever win the NY lotto. That took a lot of the impact out of the story for me—even though it is a GREAT story with a "STING"-like ending! So, I give it a 7 instead. (Out of 10).

I LOVED this film! It's fun, it's witty and clever. It has "a soul", not pretentious yet deep. As it goes on, you feel more and more connected to the characters and truly live the story with them. The fact that it contains some elements of fantasy, such as exceptionally good luck, doesn't rip the story of it's credibility, but gives it that festive, Christmassy feeling. And somewhat stereotypical idea of Italian family brought to an absurd at times just adds to fun and good humor, as I guess it was attempted (successfully). You can watch it from the adult or children's or even cynical point of view and still find something to connect to. I saw it for the first time a long time ago, and I watch it every now and then for years. I was surprised to find out that so few people have heard of it. When I think of it, I just can not remember anything I didn't like about it. It's one of my favorite movies.

This is the movie I never miss every time when I can watch on TV!!!Anthony Lapaglia is great like lucky Frenk-this is his greatest role in acting.The main reason I love this movie is worm story about family.What amazing me the most is that the movie is based on true story.How can you not love that?!!I never met a person in mine life who didn't love this movie.When I ask somebody about his or hers favorite movie,this one is in their top 10 list!!!That is fantastic,don't you think?!My favorite part is the one when Frank dates wrong girl,end up in hospital for that and that came up like total luck because something is wrong with him so he need a surgery.Who never watched this movie will never know what was missed!!!WATCH it!!!!!!!!!!!!